Event Director
Lloyd Williams, Jr.

[email protected]

I love helping children and cooking BBQ.  There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you have helped a child.  My father helped start the Children’s Homes; therefore, I understand what it means to help other people.  The Hog Happnin' allows me to enjoy these two passions.  I also enjoy riding Harleys and water skiing.  I hope you will enjoy Hog Happnin' as much as I do.


BBQ Competition Director
Jerry Gardner

[email protected]

We cooked my first real BBQ (a whole hog) in 1984 for some friends who had helped build us a new house. We didn't began competing until 1986. I have been involved in BBQ competitions as a team, a contest organizer and judge ever since. That experience has proved invaluable to me as event coordinator of Hog Happnin’ for it's first 17 years. Now as BBQ coordinator I intend to concentrate more energy on the BBQ teams, judges and competition. Having such a great group of volunteers supporting Hog Happnin' makes my job very rewarding.

BBQ Judging Director
Joyce Gardner


[email protected]

As a member of Roadrunner team for almost 15 years, I always wanted to know when my sample was submitted that I had the best six judges I could have. True, they didn't always give scores I liked, but I wanted them to be qualified, fair, and serious about their job. Now as judging coordinator, I want the same criteria to be applied for all of the teams who send in samples. I want the physical environment to be acceptable, judging supplies to be available, the morning of to be orderly and efficient, and reps and judges to know the rules and apply them fairly. If all of these factors can come together, the judges will do their job well, and everyone--teams and judges--will leave the Hog Happnin' with a feeling they have done their best.

Crafts and Vendors Director
Mot Davis

[email protected]

Mot rejoined us at Hog Happnin' after several years being away taking care of career obligations. We're glad to have her back working with us again. She is past Executive Officer for Home Builders Association of Cleveland County and a long time friend of Margie's kids.

Children’s Homes of Cleveland County
Margie Christopher

[email protected]

Since joining the Hog Happnin’ in 1998, I have helped make sauce, order supplies, recruited sponsors, organize the Anything But contest, recruit and supervise volunteers, serve food, give awards and clean up. In other words, I have worn many hats and had lots of FUN.

Onsite Coordinator
Robert Queen

[email protected]

I got involved with Hog Happnin' several years ago as the president of the Home Builder's Association of Cleveland County. I keep coming back because I like to eat BBQ, look at nice cars, and most importantly help the kids. Margie and the Children's Homes of Cleveland County are a top-notch group and do an excellent job with the kids. As far as duties, I coordinate cooking and preparation of the BBQ, hot dogs and various other items for the dining hall, carry out, and sandwich trailers. I also arrange for security and EMS personnel to be available onsite.

Sponsors Director

This Seat is Vacant. You may want to volunteer to help.